WellPlay Invitational By Hitbox


After our great succefull run with Hitbox Elite Cup we are striking back with a new monthly tournament by Hitbox, starting on March 22 with the closed qualifiers then jumping to the main event on March 25.

WellPlay Invitational will be kicking off next week, March 22nd, with the closed qualifiers. Four teams – COOKISS, Team Averia, Team Bad English and SFZ – have been directly invited to compete in these qualifiers. The teams will be battling it out for the one qualifier spot in the main event. Seven teams – T.RoX, Kaipi, Power Rangers, YeS, Ad Finem, ProDotA and Danish Bears have been directly invited to the main event. The eight teams will compete for the $3,000 prize pool.

    Closed qualifiers

  • Four teams invited


    • Team Averia

    • Team Bad English

    • SFZ

  • Single elimination brackets

  • Best-of-three series

  • One team advances to the main event

  • Main event

  • Eight teams will participate

    • TRN.RoX

    • Kaipi

    • Power Rangers

    • YeS

    • Ad Finem

    • ProDotA

    • Danish Bears

    • one qualified team

  • Double elimination Brackets

  • Best-of-three series

  • Grand Finals best-of-five

  • There is no winner advantage

  • prize pool

    The total prize pool is $3,000

  • 1st place – $2,250

  • 2nd place – $750

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