1. Every participant has to show the needed respect towards referees and other participants. Insults and unfair or disrespectful behaviour towards anyone are not tolerated and will be punished.

2. Every team and participant has to try to win every game at every stage of the competition. Purposefully losing for any reason is strictly forbidden.


1. A stand-in may not be member of another team or have played a game for another team within the same stage of the competition.

2. The maximum of stand-ins used by a team within one game is 2.

Schedule & Punctuality

1. The official schedule will be communicated to the teams via Skype. Once the schedule is confirmed by all involved parties, the match time can only be changed by the administration.

2. If a delayed end of a previous match prohibits a match to start on schedule, the match time is changed to 5 minutes after the end of the previous match.

3. If a team is not ready to start a game in time, the following punishments will be applied by the referee:

* 5 minutes late => Level 1 Draft Penalty

* 10 minutes late => Level 2 Draft Penalty

* 15 minutes late => Level 3 Draft Penalty

* 20 minutes late => Forfeit of the game (not the whole match)

The time is then reset for the following game.


1. The password for each match will be provided to the teams by the administration at least 15 minutes before the official match time. Participants are not allowed to pass the password on to anyone but the other members of his team and the stand-in(s) for the match.

2. Only referees, official broadcasters, anyone authorized by a referee, and the ten players are allowed to be inside the game. Team managers may join the lobby, but have to leave before the game starts. Everyone else has no permission to enter.

3. The server location for all matches is EU West (Luxembourg).

4.1. Selection priority for the first game of a match is decided by a cointoss done by the administration. In game 2 the other team will get selection prority. The same process is repeated with a new cointoss for game 3 and so forth.

4.2. Before each game, the team with selection priority may either select a side or a draft order. The opposing team can choose the remaining factor.

During the game

1. Each team has the right to pause the game for an acceptable duration, if a player announces it at least three seconds in advance and calls a coherent reason (exception: not necessary, if someone disconnects). The game must not be resumed before both teams agree with it. When the number or the duration of breaks becomes too high or long, the administration may force the continuation of the game.

2. The players are not allowed to watch or listen to any of the video streams or DotaTV at any time during their match. Furthermore they are not allowed to provide a stream themselves.

3. If any serious bugs occur, the game has to be paused immediately and the administration decides how to continue. Knowingly abusing a bug is strictly forbidden.

4. A game is finished, when an Ancient Fortress is destroyed, when the majority of a team leaves on purpose, or when the administration decides on it. (note: A game is not forfeited, when a player types "gg" or "ff". Always wait for the ancient to be destroyed!)

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